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Cosmetic Dentures

You Deserve a Beautiful Smile!

Even if you wear dentures or partials, your smile should look natural and beautiful.  We use top of the line labs and materials to create dentures that make you smile.   We will take the time to discuss your options and all fees before treatment. We offer a FREE DENTURE EXAM and X-RAY for New Patients.


Here are some of the denture services we offer:

1.) Replacement Dentures to improve on or replicate your existing dentures.

2.) Immediate Dentures that are seated the same day as your front teeth are removed, so you never go without teeth.

3.) Temporary (Healing) Dentures which are a lower cost denture that will be replaced with a more permanent denture after you have healed.

4.) Implant Retained Dentures that are snapped in place to secure the denture. They can be fitted to a new denture, or your existing denture if it is in good condition.

5.) Partial Dentures that grab on to stabile teeth for much better retention than a normal denture.


Not all dentures are created equal.  There is a huge difference in the quality of the labs and materials used. There is also a difference in the experience and skill set of the dentist providing the dentures. Dr. Callen has long been known in the community for providing top quality, natural looking dentures for his patients.  We offer a variety of payment options to make your new dentures affordable to you. If you have any questions, please contact us for answers. Here are a couple of pictures of our happy denture patients.